The other me. From the mask to the selfie: portraits and figures at the Museu Abelló


From December 10, 2015 to May 22, 2016 /

We are in the society of the selfie, surrounded by portraits and self-portraits. “The face is the mirror of the soul,” says the proverb, and today it seems that this mirror of ours is that of Narcissus, that of self-complacency and individualism. The genre of portraiture, abundant in the Abelló collection, has allowed us to reflect on the aspirations of humanity in imagining itself. Beauty, admiration and introspection are three great goals of portraiture and human representation. We revealed that beneath the self of appearances there is always, deep, another self.

  • Retrat del fill de l'artista, Josep Cusachs
  • Cap de la Verge del Roser, Pedro de Mena