Abelló Year

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Joan Abelló, the Educational Services of the Abelló Museum, have proposed a series of activities, adapted according to age and school curriculum, so that all students of all ages can enjoy of the Museum. The activities are flexible and can be adapted to each group-school.
At the beginning of the course, we propose a meeting between the teaching staff and the Museum’s Educational Services.


Storytelling session:
The story of Joan Abelló

The museum’s educators visit nursery schools to tell the story “The story of Joan Abelló”, using different tactile and support materials such as an artist’s puppet or the painter’s tools.

As a visual proposal, the Museum will provide a reproduction of the Harlequin to paint and have hung in the classroom during the Abelló Year.

Throughout the course, free visits will be organized on weekends for children and their families to get to know the House of the Painter Abelló.


Bee and the colors of the seasons

For groups in the second cycle of early childhood education, we propose working on concepts such as color, shape, volume or relief through works that Joan Abelló painted at different times of the year. From direct observation of the works, we will see how the light and colors change depending on each time of year, as well as the shapes and textures of the landscapes.
In order to consolidate the concepts learned during the visit, we suggest a visual activity: the group creation of a mural landscape, using different natural and artistic materials, in the same way that Joan Abelló did.
This plastic intervention would be done at each change of season, to see how the colors, shapes and textures of the same landscape change throughout the year. It is recommended that each classroom reserve a space on the walls to hang the murals that the children make throughout the course.
This project is accompanied by one or more visits to the Museum where the contents will be worked from visits and workshops. Each group should choose a park or natural space near the school in order to observe the changes of season.
Museum educators will hold a session at the school to learn about the work the students are doing.


Creation of a story: Abelló, the painter from Mollet

For 1st and 2nd year students, we suggest that they get to know Joan Abelló and his pictorial universe through visits to the Museum.
After learning about the life of Joan Abelló, it is proposed to do a group work, where students can create a story from the figure of Joan Abelló or one of his works.
In this way, students will be able to get to know and learn more about Abelló’s character, his collection and his artistic production. In addition, at the time of making the story, they will develop their creativity, both in the literary field and in the artistic field.
The final result, the stories prepared by the students, will be printed and exhibited for a few days at the Museu Abelló where there will be a space for all the work done by students, and where the museum public can read and see the interpretation they make the children of the initial cycle of the life and work of Joan Abelló.
A small guide will be given to the students to make the story.


Joan Abelló’s travel notebook

For 3rd and 4th grade students we propose the creation of a travel notebook.
During his travels, Joan Abelló took notes and notes that he reflected on paper with different artistic techniques.
With the support of the educators of the Abelló Museum, the various pictorial techniques used by the artist to capture the first impressions of the countries where he traveled will be introduced.
In this way, students will create an artist’s notebook, where they will take notes of the natural and write down in a diary way, the experiences and experiences they also have outside of school during the project.
The final result, the travel notebooks of students from all participating schools, will be exhibited for a few days at the Abelló Museum  where the general public can see them.


The Mollet of Abelló

For 5th and 6th grade, the project is based on the creation of an itinerary through Mollet from the paintings that Joan Abelló made of the town.
It is recommended to work in groups and for each group to choose a work by Joan Abelló about some place in the municipality, and, from there, to start research work on this location: what it is, how it has changed over time, see if it is emblematic of the city, looking for witnesses who know this place, etc. The idea is to work on aspects of the disciplines of geography, history and oral memory, as well as their application to the arts.
Once the search has been carried out, with the result in digital format (PDF, JPG, MP4, etc.), mobile applications will be used to create an itinerary through the places in Mollet where Joan Abelló painted, and access the research work of the participating schools.


Creation of an exhibition on Joan Abelló

The project to work with ESO consists of creating an exhibition around the figure and work of Joan Abelló.
The idea is that apart from working on content related to the artist and his work, students can see and experience first hand what the process of an exhibition project is like: get to know and participate in all the phases that exist before to open an exhibition.
This is a proposal that offers a wide variety of possibilities.
The topics to be worked on and the resources chosen can be adapted to each ESO course. Each group can work on the aspects that interest them most.

The previous visits to the work that the students do in the Museum, will be focused on the chosen theme and the concepts to work, always bearing in mind that the final result will be an exhibition with the support of the staff of the Abelló Museum. The works made by the students will be exhibited in different cultural facilities of the municipality so that everyone can visit them. Subsequently, as the last stage of the project, assess and evaluate the exhibition they have created.


Tribute to the landscape

This proposal captures the interest in opening the gaze to the contemporary landscape of Mollet through the landscapes that Joan Abelló painted, collected and paid homage to.
The project has a double objective: first, to bring the city’s young people closer to the arts, painting, sculpture and literature through the Abelló Museum; and the second, to review the changes on the landscape and the territory in contemporary key through the memory and the cultural and social patrimony of the city.
To achieve these objectives, it is proposed that schools participate from different areas of knowledge and subjects, they can adapt a route to their needs that allows, in a transversal and adaptable way, to work on all these aspects.
The result of this work can be seen in the exhibition space of the Showcase.
This project will be accompanied by the art mediators of the Mixité collective and the Museum’s educational services.

Catàleg Serveis Educatius Any Abelló Curs 2022-23