Activities at the Museum

Activities at the Museum

The Joan Abelló Museum permanently displays an outstanding selection of paintings and sculptures from very different styles and periods, mainly from the most important artistic movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as a room dedicated to the work of Joan Abelló.

1. Childhood education and primary education

Title: The magic of colors
Description: We will work on basic concepts such as shapes, colors, volume and silhouette through the Abelló collection. Content adapts to different levels.
Workshop: We will experiment with color and make a “magic painting” with candle wax.

2. Secondary education and High school

Title: A walk through the avant-garde
Description: A dynamic visit to get to know the different avant-garde of the 20th century and identify them in the works of the Abelló collection.
Workshop: Carrying out an assembly.

Title: Modernisms
Description: Didactic visit through the objects of the collection to know the main characteristics of the Catalan modernism.
Workshop: Design and creation of hydraulic tiles with foam.

3. For all levels

Temporary exhibitions
Throughout the year, the Museum runs a program of temporary exhibitions, accompanied by an educational project. Check out our website.

Title: Mural Art Through Time *
Description: A full day activity that includes a visit and workshop at the Menhir and a visit and workshop at the Abelló Museum. The visit is adapted to the different school levels.
Workshop: Making two murals: a rock mural with natural pigments and a contemporary mural using avant-garde techniques.

Visit: € 35.00 group class.
Visit and workshop: € 3.00 per child
* Double activity: 6 € per person

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