Joan Abelló Prat

He was born in Mollet del Vallès in 1922 and started at a very young age in the world of painting. Of his formative period, it is necessary to emphasize the masters of Pere Pruna and Carles Pellicer, and the influence through the works that Joaquim Mir had realized in Mollet del Vallès.

Like many artists of the 20th century, Abelló spent time in London, Belgium, the Isle of Man, Paris … In the sixties he returned to Mollet – where he became interested in the landscapes of the Vallès and the Mediterranean – but did not he leaves the great trips by Europe, Africa, Ivory Coast, Morocco or Brazil.

In parallel with his artistic side, Abelló developed a passion for collecting, which he began, probably influenced by the atmosphere of Can Pellicer and the Miracle workshop, where he learned restoration, as well as visits to the study by Manolo Hugué. Little by little, Joan Abelló is enlarging his collection, the embryo of the future museum.

In 1996 he donated his art collection to the Mollet del Vallès City Council, the Municipal Art Foundation was created and the Abelló Museum was inaugurated (March 27, 1999). In July 2006, Abelló made a second donation to Mollet Town Hall, with more than 4,000 pieces and his most personal outbuildings.

He died on December 25, 2008, in Barcelona. He is buried in Mollet del Vallès.