Access and movement through the building

The Museu Abelló is an accessible facility, with a lift and ramps to access all spaces. There are benches available to sit in the lobby of the facility and also in the rooms. The House of the Painter is also accessible, as it offers the possibility of using the elevator to reach the different floors.

Guide dogs are allowed.

Resources for people with sensory disabilities

  • Introductory module on Joan Abelló and the Museum (The Tactile Gaze)
  • Videos subtitled and interpreted in sign language:
    1. Audiovisual (ground floor) on the figure of Joan Abelló and the origin of the museum
    2. In-depth information on the most outstanding works in the Abelló Collection by experts (only available in Catalan)
  • Tactile and olfactory experience


We have dossiers with an adapted script of the visit, with the relief of different works to facilitate the tactile recognition. In addition, we also have fragrances that recreate some of the works in the Abelló Collection. In this way, people with visual impairments will be able to reinforce their understanding of the works through multi-sensoryity.