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Menhir of Mollet

The Mollet Menhir is a megalithic monument with a single block of stone that was discovered in April 2009, while work was being carried out on the Parc de les Pruneres. It is 4.90 m long, 68 cm wide, 110 cm deep and weighs about 6 tons).

This menhir is worked and engraved: on one side it has curvilinear and rectilinear engravings that form motifs of snakes, antlers and shields, on the opposite side there is a human face in bas-relief. Due to its characteristics and unique monumentality, it is one of the most important finds in recent years in southern Europe.

1. Primary Education
Title: We are archaeologists
Description: We will get to know the Mollet Menhir up close and we will go into the Neolithic period.
Workshop: We will act as archaeologists with the simulation of an archaeological excavation.

2. Secondary Education
Title: Megaliths and paintings
Description: Dynamic visit to the Menhir to get to know the main megalithic constructions of the Neolithic.
Workshop: Making a rock painting with natural pigments.

3. For all levels *
Title: Mural art through time
Description: A full day activity that includes a visit and workshop at the Menhir and a visit and workshop at the Abelló Museum. The visit is adapted to the different school levels.
Workshop: Making two murals: a rock mural with natural pigments and a contemporary mural using avant-garde techniques.


Visit: € 35.00 group class
Visit and workshop: € 3.00 per child
* Double activity: € 6.00 per person

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