The Shop Window

The The Shop Window is a space for the production and dissemination of the visual arts, a point of opening towards the interdisciplinarity of the languages ​​of emerging artists. Located on the side of the Museum facing Carrer d’Àngel Guimerà, The Shop Window is an elongated space with a large open glass display case, like a shop window. It aims to provoke a new relationship between the artist, his work and the spectator, based on proposals presented from the Museum to the outside world, and vice versa. In order to infiltrate the pedestrian path, artists use every imaginable resource – advertising, media … – to publicize their proposals and integrate them into the daily lives of people passing through. Street. All cycles

Current cycle:

Dialogues with Abelló cycle

Previous cycles:

Mixité Cycle
Let’s experiment with ART Cycle
Marta Pol Cycle
Carles Poy Cycle
Mercè Alsina Cycle
David Armengol Cycle
Oriol Fontdevila Cycle
Isabel Lázaro Cycle