Fifty-five Nightlife Shots – Daniel Fuster


From April 25 to June 15 /

Daniel Fuster, selected artist of Mollet Art’11, presented “Fifty-five nightlife shots” which aimed to show different types of celebrations, groups and violent scenes, both distressing and aggressive, that are generated in night environments, as well as more scenes harmonious or leisurely that we find in private areas or VIP areas where a certain model of stereotype is located, and cocktails are consumed in a glamorous environment with the idea of ​​generating reflection on certain sociological aspects that explain the euphoria for nightlife , with a ubiquitous sexual charge throughout the play.

The works on display were intended to reflect how drawing – linked to the subtlety of its techniques and the fragility of its supports – has found new ways to explore the alliances between tradition and modernity.

Thus, the exhibition analyzed the new behaviors of drawing while moving away from academic use and presenting itself as a support tool for other techniques and artistic expressions, free to offer new ways of seeing and knowing the world.


  • Daniel Fuster