Joana Capella and Oriol Ocaña


From May 28 to September 6 /

Joana Capella and Oriol Ocaña with Action of faith are presented in the exhibition space for local artists called The Artist’s Corner.

Ideological discourses about technology demand that we blindly believe in their projections of a better future.

His is therefore an act of faith in several ways. The act of trying to freeze water in a mold without knowledge of the environment, weather, or water qualities as well as some superficial intuitions and knowledge, the hope in reaching its purposes was the only certainty. At the same time, for their act of faith, they have made a plastic mold at the Ateneu de Fabricació de Les Corts, one of the digital manufacturing laboratories promoted by Barcelona City Council. In the process they have used methodologies and machinery that were unknown to them. All these actions turn out to be full of contingencies and their success is subject to circumstances they cannot control.

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