Mollet Art’16 – Memorial Cesc Bas


From June 3 to November 13, 2016 /

The exhibition will show the work of Estela Ortiz, Ferran Cardona and Sergi Selvas, the three artists who will be selected by the jury of the edition of the MolletArt 2016 contest. Memorial Cesc Bas.

In this edition, MolletArt is going to open to the city, extending ends to 3 the modalities of participation and also the exhibition spaces beyond the Museum. Així, MolletArt at the Museu Abelló is going to be dedicated to artistes nascuts from 1981; MolletArt at La Marineta, is going to be aimed at nascut artists from 1991; and MolletArt to the city, to artists with projects (community art, intervention in the public space…) with a strong link between the social fabric and the territory of Mollet.

MolletArt’16 Jury Minutes

Press release

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