The Museum presents a work by Carles Pellicer


The Museum has recently renovated the room dedicated to the “Old Masters” of the permanent exhibition Modern Art in the Abelló Collection (19th and 20th centuries). This renovation has been carried out as a result of the incorporation of a new work by Carles Pellicer, which has been transferred to the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC).

The painter Carles Pellicer (Barcelona 1865-1959), unknown to the general public, is considered one of Joan Abelló’s teachers. Following the exhibition produced by the Museu Abelló in 2016 on the work of Pellicer (Between salons. Remnants of modernism. Granados & Pellicer), the National Art Museum of Catalonia has donated a portrait to the Fundació Abelló of the painter’s mother, dated 1890.

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  • Retrat de Matilde Rouvière, Carles Pellicer