Goofy Giant Multiplane


From September 28 to December 9, 2018 /

Goofy Giant Multiplane. Visual drifts around Rodalies Renfe

Results of the workshop given by Francesc Ruiz in the framework of Mollet Art’18. With the participation of Ithan Gibla, Paula Grenouille, Nataliya Prokopenko, Andrés P. Roca and the collaboration of Josep M. Blanch.

This small exhibition includes more than 80 drawings made collectively by the participants of the workshop, which was intended as an experimental space to work on the design of a comic with the theme of the Rodalies rail transport network.

Convoys that transform into monsters and open into a canal showing their interior, windows full of graffiti that show moving landscapes, mobile phone screens that transform into wagons … Amazing journeys and interdimensional travel.

With the special collaboration of the Mollet technical architect Josep M. Blanch, who will show a part of his collection of train tickets, on which he himself has drawn the faces of some of the passengers who shared the wagon. with him.

Opening: Friday 28 September, 7.30 pm

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