Joan Brossa didn’t make me


From November 21, 2019 to January 7, 2020 /

Opening: November 21, at 7:30 p.m.

The Museu Abelló joins the commemoration of the Brossa Year with the sound and plastic installation No me fer Joan Brossa, by cabosanroque (Laia Torrents and Roger Aixut), made up of different elements taken from everyday life that represent the landscapes to which Joan Brossa refers in his prose of the forties and fifties, as well as by different fragments of the scenic poetry of the same period, full of alliterations.

The proposal seeks to create a new objective prose, of free interpretation, which replaces the original texts but at the same time keeps open the potential of its meaning and gives the viewer the freedom to extract his own interpretation. And the result is a high-voltage creative dialogue between one of our great researchers in poetry and a group seduced by the sensitivity of machines that has never ceased to reinvent itself and that, among others, has worked with Carles Santos, a person who certainly connects both worlds.

The Abelló Museum will include a space entitled Brossa and Abelló, which will show different materials relating Joan Brossa to the painter Joan Abelló, with whom he maintained a friendship, and to the city of Mollet.

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