Virtual visit to the Museum competition


Last day to participate: 3/06/2020

The Abelló Museum is launching a competition to encourage a virtual visit to the rooms of the facility.

With the aim of encouraging and making the forced confinement to face the Coronavirus crisis more enjoyable, the Museu Abelló has joined the global movement to bring art closer to homes with a competition among all those who make the virtual tour of the equipment rooms.

For some years now, the Abelló Museum has been present on the Google Art virtual platform, from where you can take a virtual visit to the Abelló collection, enjoy the most outstanding works and stroll through the rooms of the Museum and the House of the Painter. Taking advantage of the #joemquedoacasa movement and joining the museum’s proposal to make art available to homes, the Abelló Museum has devised a competition to encourage virtual visits to the facility.

Bases and questionnaire

Start virtual tour

Among all the people who answer correctly, we will draw 5 lots of products from the Museum, each with a catalog of the permanent exhibition and two tickets to visit the Museum and the House of the Painter.


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