Music, sound and silence in the XMAC collections


A visual rapsody

Within the Network of Art Museums of Catalonia (XMAC), the Abelló Museum participates in the virtual exhibition ‘A visual rhapsody’. This exhibition selects some thirty works of art from the collections of the different museums that make up the XMAC to offer visitors a rhapsodic walk, where the coincidences between art and music can be found very freely. The virtual exhibition is curated by Montse Frisach.

The Abelló Museum has collaborated with the sculpture by Loïe Fuller, by Eusebi Arnau. Loïe Fuller (Illinois, 1862-Paris, 1928) was a dancer known in the Belle Époque for her cabaret or variety shows in which she moved large handkerchiefs and created light effects. She is considered one of the modernists of scenography, with Edward Gordon Craig and Adolphe Appia, and of lighting technology applied to the show.

You can visit the first coordinated exhibition of the Network of Art Museums of Catalonia:
A visual rapsody

The Network of Art Museums of Catalonia is made up of 21 Catalan museums led by the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) with the aim of working together in areas such as the protection, research and knowledge of heritage; training of professionals and collaboration in carrying out common projects.

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