LGTBIQ references in museums


The Network of Art Museums of Catalonia, of which we are part, joins the celebration of LGTBIQ Pride Day or Liberation Day, on 28 June. We do this by establishing a dialogue with the works in our collections, claiming the diversity of identities and the need to include these references in museums. #referentsartLGBTIQ

The aim is to achieve an inclusive, egalitarian and inclusive museum, educating and healthy, while vindicating the first and foremost function of museums, the SOCIAL. It’s about reflecting the richness and diversity of society so that everyone feels included, so that no one feels left out.

Within the extensive collection of the Abelló Museum we have selected two pieces that identify with some of the initials LGTBIQ.

In 1937, the painter Marià Pidelaserra created the work Nus, where he shows a couple of women in the privacy of their bed. An image of love between two women with whom we want to illustrate the letter L.

The Great Fregolino (set of 8 photographs)
In 1910, the photographer Antoni Esplugas made a set of photographs-postcards of the variety artist El Gran Fregolino, pseudonym of Eduardo Juncadella, imitator and disciple of the Italian transformist, actor and singer Leopoldo Fregoli. We are joined by the letter T, which encompasses many realities such as people transvestite and breaking stereotypes.


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  • Nus Pidelaserra