We expand the collection with an audiovisual work by Raquel Friera


As part of the Comprehensive Plan for the Visual Arts, in which the Generalitat has reactivated the acquisition of contemporary art in 2020, the Museu Abelló has received a work by the artist Raquel Friera. This is a video where a piece of music from a mother’s experience is reinterpreted, doing an exercise in social reflection.

Raquel Friera’s 4’33 “is a reinterpretation of the famous musical piece entitled 4’33” by the American composer John Cage, also called “soundproof piece” and composed entirely of silence. In the version performed by Raquel Friera, the forceful experience of a mother who performs this piece of music composed entirely of silence is shown. The work is part of a wider cycle of performances that the Catalan artist has been exhibiting, both in Catalonia and in Spain, where, under the title Feminizing Art History, he reinterprets in a feminist key some key performances for the understanding of art in the twentieth century.

With this piece, the Abelló Museum expands its collection with the work of a female artist. In addition, Friera is linked to the city of Mollet, where she carried out a project on the gender perspective and the East / West binomial in art from workshops with a group of women from the CC of L ‘ It was. This project was part of the Showcase (Let’s Experiment with Art cycle) in 2017.

Raquel Friera delivers the work to the Abelló Museum

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