Mollet Art 2021


From February 19 to May 23, 2021 /

Collective exhibition of the artists selected in the Mollet Art 2020 contest. Cesc Bas Memorial.

Of the four projects exhibited at Mollet Art 2021, the artist proposed for the jury to present an individual exhibition in the next edition of the contest, has been Irena Visa (Show. The potential of the land without excavation).

Guided tours for Museum Day (Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 May).

Irena Visa, Make see. The potential of unearthed terrain

80% of the land within the Empúries site has not yet been excavated. This expanse of land is now presented as a set of fields awaiting ruin. They have no signposts and do not appear on any postcards. The potential of these spaces is the starting point of the project, which on the one hand wants to make them visible and, on the other, to question the functioning of archeology, opening up the possibilities to other interpretations.

An audio guide to look at the unseen

Postcard to make see (pdf)

Felipe Garcia Salazar, Hibris

The main structure of the Hibris work consists of the union of horizontal, vertical and curved lines that generate bifurcation and vanishing points. Each of these brushstrokes marks paths that lead to amphorae and ceramic containers created from intuition.
There are as many ways to understand history as there are ways to go about it. Temporality is infinite, times do not exist. Only the containers of memories, of the past and of projections of possible futures exist. These containers hold the stories of our history; they keep what fate has in store for us; they keep the story of who we were and what we will be.
Hybris – From Greek mythology – Attempt to transgress the limits imposed by the gods on mortal and earthly men.

Postal Hibris (pdf)

Oscar Moya, A clock without a pendulum is how …

The movement of a swing is very similar to that of a metronome: it sets a rhythm. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s slower, but even when it doesn’t, we hope it will come back at some point.
The desire to revive this movement was the starting point of a project that ended up being a direct conflict with one’s own individual memory.

Postcard A Clock Without a Pendulum (pdf)

Pau Mondelo, Applause

The audience, each time it receives a signal by means of a light indicator (authoritarian object), begins to applaud in a dictated manner until the cessation of this signal. In this way, through forced applause (a forced euphoria), it interferes with the speaker’s speech, leaving gaps – which are full of applause – and making it difficult to understand the message. All this while altering the mystique surrounding the concept of discourse, which was widely covered in the media during the 20th century.


Audio Applause

Postal Applause (pdf)


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