Women in the Abelló collection: Lola Anglada

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On the occasion of Women’s Day, we talk about Lola Anglada in the Abelló Collection.

By Núria Rius Vernet, Secondary School teacher and curator of exhibitions. He began working on the work of Lola Anglada Sarriera as a result of the exhibition “From the depths to the surface. Works by Catalan artists prior to the Franco Dictatorship that he curated in 2008. Since then, with Teresa Sanz, he has curated two exhibitions on the most politically committed works of Lola Anglada (2010 and 2012) and took care of the edition of the Memoirs of the artist published by the Diputació de Barcelona in 2015.

Lola Anglada
Dolors Anglada i Sarriera, popularly known as Lola Anglada (Barcelona, ​​October 28, 1892 – Tiana, September 12, 1984), was a Catalan children’s narrator and cartoonist. She is considered the last of the classic illustrators of the Catalan school of the early twentieth century and one of the most important writers of the pre-war period.

The Museum’s collection has a collection of prints by the artist and a drawing that can be seen in the Casa del Pintor.