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The city of the ants, by Xus de la Cruz


From January 21 to April 16 /

This collection of photographs accompanied by small poems, mostly “haikus”, wants to be a small tribute to the landscape of Gallecs, an endearing agricultural space in the heart of the Vallès and close to Mollet.

The passage of the seasons, the mosaic of land and crops, the shady bananas of the torrents, the green and golden ears, the sky, the birds … All these visions inspire this work.

So do the ants and their selfless work as a team and community, an activity that fascinated a girl who is fond of observing these insects in Galicia. This girl managed to attract the attention of the author of these photographs and gave rise to the title of this photographic work.

In the same spirit of collaboration, colleagues from Mollet City Council have contributed their literary grain of sand to “The city of the ants”, each offering a personal and free look at one of the images.