The Abelló Museum opens in Giravolt 3D


The Abelló Museum opens in Giravolt 3D with two paintings by the Mollet painter and a sculpture by Lambert Escaler

Giravolt 3D is a program for digitizing Catalan cultural heritage. So far, 80 objects have been digitized from 15 museums in the Network of Art Museums of Catalonia, one of which is the Abelló de Mollet del Vallès.

The Mollet museum has opened in Giravolt 3D with the digitization of three works from the collection of the Abelló collection:

  • A day at the beach. It is a painting on canvas by Joan Abelló made in 1990, with a view of a beach reminiscent of the Costa Brava. It is in the House of the Painter.
  • Tribute to the landscape of the Vallès. It is an oil, also by Joan Abelló, made in 1995. It is in the permanent exhibition of the Abelló Museum.
  • The Serenity. It is a terracotta bust of the sculptor from Vilafranca del Penedès Lambert Escaler created in 1900, which represents an old man with a beard, a cigarette in his mouth and a uniform. He is one of the few male figures in his work. It is in the Abelló Museum.

The Gitaneta, by the Reus sculptor Joan Rebull, will soon be on view.

Giravolt 3D

It is a program for the digitization of the Catalan cultural heritage of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat, which has more than 200 3D digitizations with the participation of 42 entities.

One of the main objectives is to disseminate, in the cultural heritage sector, the knowledge and use of 3D technologies, from their application to conservation and restoration as well as research, dissemination or contemporary cultural creation, in particular among heritage technical staff, so that they know the technology and can apply it to their professional work.


During 2021, the Giravolt program carried out 200 digitizations. He worked with the Network of Art Museums of Catalonia in the 3D digitization of a selection of pieces by his organizations.

More than 80 objects have been digitized and 15 museums have participated: Joan Abelló Municipal Foundation, Sabadell Art Museum, Frederic Marès Museum, Reus Culture Municipal Institute – Reus Museum, Empordà Museum, Autonomous Heritage Agency Víctor Balaguer-Museu Balaguer, Museu d’Art Modern de la Diputació de Tarragona, Consorci del Patrimoni de Sitges, Museu d’Art Morera de Lleida, Museu de Valls, Museu de Manresa, Museu de la Garrotxa, Museu d’Art de Cerdanyola del Vallès, Girona Art Museum, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and Vic Episcopal Museum.

The digitizations can be consulted through the Sketchfab channel of the Giravolt program: