Youth Museum 2.0


On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the inauguration of the museum, at the beginning of 2014, the “Museu Jove 2.0” project was started, where a work of collaboration and dialogue was established between curators, who have a link with the museum. and young people from Mollet.

The result has been the selection and documentation of 20 works by the curators, and the subsequent research of young people, who have complemented the information and introduced the 20 works from the Foundation’s collection to Wikipedia, facilitating dissemination and knowledge. free of some of the works in the museum.

In the exhibition “Modern art in the collection Abelló s. XIX – XX ”, the visitor will find some QR codes in some works. Thanks to new technologies, with a smart device, whether mobile or tablet, you can access the codes. In the same work there are two codes, a red one that links to the video where the curator explains the work, and a black one that links to the Wikipedia article, where the documentation of the work is extended.

In order to access the codes, you must have an application that allows you to read the codes.

The key to accessing the museum’s Wi-Fi network will be provided at the museum reception.

We also have a table available to visit

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