Disclosed memory


From December 16 to March 13, 2017 /

Through this exhibition, Lluís Estopiñan proposed a reflection on life and memory from the treatment of old photographs, of recovered anonymous negatives, which were reproduced by contact inside the boxes.

It was a project that revolved around the evocative power of past photographs, the emotional moments they contain, but also their physical fragility, and draws a parallel with our memory. Cyanotypes on the reverse of disassembled and flattened boxes, mostly medicine, but also food. Products that help maintain life and memory.

The photographic images, reproduced by contact, were obtained from ancient negatives rescued from oblivion and destruction, resurrecting from the darkness with their hidden history and the lived moments behind them.

They have been exposed to the sun of Cadaqués and revealed with a mixture of running water from Cadaqués and the sea from the beach of “Es Colom”.

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  • Disclosed Memory, Lluís Estopiñán