Logicophobists. 1936. Surrealism as a revolution of the spirit


From May 18 to September 10, 2017 /

It recreates the exhibition hosted by Catalonia bookstore in the summer of 1936 with the work of young talents, the second generation of surrealism. The sponsors were the Association of Friends of New Art (ADLAN), formed by personalities such as J.V. Foix, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Josep Lluís Sert, Montserrat and Nuria Isern, or Carles Sindreu. The Logicophobic movement was cut short by the outbreak of war and subsequent exile.

The exhibition recreates the original exhibition, thanks to the important research work that has been done with all the artists. In Mollet, we expand it with original works by José Viola Gamón that form part of the Museum’s collection.

The Abelló Museum recovers the work of the logicophobic poet Nadia Sokolova

It shows 9 unpublished poems and a song by Nadia Sokolova, a poet of Russian origin, active in the group of Friends of Art Nou, who left Barcelona before the outbreak of the Civil War. Sokolova took part in the Logicophobist exhibition, but, according to the poet Tomàs Garcés, she immediately left for the United States. Several American universities preserve fragments of poems that have revealed 25 unpublished poems and a composition set to music by Béla Rózsa, entitled “Three Songs”. Of these, a selection written in French is presented at the Abelló Museum.

  • Cartell Mollet