The Anselm Clavé school sponsors the Abelló Museum and the Casa del Pintor


The Anselm Clavé School Group sponsors the Abelló Museum and the Casa del Pintor. This center participates in the program We sponsor our Heritage, which is based on the idea of ​​sponsoring a heritage element by an educational center in order to encourage student involvement from a proposal teaching, to promote the knowledge of the heritage closest to the school and to project this knowledge to the community and the environment. The Department of Education of the Generalitat has granted this program.


From here, the Anselm Clavé School Group and the Joan Abelló Municipal Foundation have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of bringing this part of Mollet’s cultural heritage closer to the students, making their characteristics and activities and, in return, give value and deepen knowledge from a cultural point of view.


With this agreement, the school’s relationship with the museum will consist of an annual program that will specify different actions to be developed during the school year, visits to learn about the history of the building, its collections, the tasks that are carried out in a museum and the development of different activities. Afterwards, the school will work to disseminate it in its environment.


According to the Councilor for Culture, Mercè Pérez, “this is a very good initiative to make our students aware of Mollet’s heritage and, especially, some of our cultural symbols such as the Abelló Museum and the Casa del Pintor and, at the same time, , that they can project what they have learned about the heritage of our city in the community itself and in its environment ”.


The Anselm Clavé School Group is based on an educational model that aims to contribute to the development of autonomous, supportive, responsible and committed people by understanding education as a shared task with the family.