Visit by the director of the Enrique Tábara Foundation


Last Monday, February 21st, we received a visit from the director of the Enrique Tábara Foundation, Eduardo Tabara, accompanied by the art critic Joan Gil Gregorio, to get to know the works of this painter from the collection of the Abelló collection.

Currently, the Factoria Cultural de Terrassa is dedicating an exhibition to him with some fifty works corresponding to the work of recent years, which is why Eduardo Tábara has traveled to Catalonia.

Enrique Tábara (Guayaquil, February 21, 1930 – Buena Fe, January 25, 2021) traveled to Barcelona in the late 1940s, where he lived for 9 years. During this time he maintained a relationship and collaboration with the group Dau al Set, as well as a friendship with Joan Miró.

Tábara’s work can be seen in museums around the world and, in the Abelló collection, we have more than a dozen of them corresponding to the informalist era of Barcelona, many of which are visible in the Museum-House.