History of the hands


From September 16 to November 6, 2022 /

“History of the hands” is a traveling exhibition organized by the Visual Arts Program of the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​with the collaboration of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) and the municipalities that host it.

The exhibition presents a dialogue between works by contemporary artists and works from the MNAC collection. The curator, Alexandra Laudo, articulates the dialogue in nine thematic areas —Hands, authority, power; Hands, literacy, history; Hands, control, determination; Hands, work, care; Hands, money, courage; Hands, breasts, martyrdom; Hands, medicine, sick body; Hands, desire, sin and Hands, beginnings, ends— and proposes a selection of twenty-five works by the artists Antoni Abad, Isabel Banal, Isabel Barios, Damià Campeny, Colita, Mirari Echávarri, Raquel Friera , Camille Henrot, Fermín Jiménez Landa,
Claudi Lorenzale, Master of Cinctorres, Joan Morey, Antoni Muntadas, Levi Orta, Pasqual Ortoneda and María Sánchez, as well as anonymous works from the 13th, 15th, 16th and 18th centuries and coins from the 20th century.

The assembled works invite us to think about the forms of communication, production, relationship and knowledge that over time have been articulated through hands and contact.

“History of the hands” also draws attention to the progressive evolution, in recent times, towards a digital culture, in which crafts coexist with forms of relationship based on finger contact and the mediation of devices and touch screens, which they mitigate and transform our physical relationship with objects, people, and other elements in our environment.

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